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Evidence Storage Lockers

Evidence Storage Lockers

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Evidence Lockers



Spacesaver’s DSM™ evidence lockers are specifically designed to provide an extremely secure chain of custody during the critical short-term evidence storage period, which is the period of time when evidence leaves the hands of the person who collected, until it’s properly logged and stored in the evidence and property room.

The evidence lockers are built around two distinctive evidence storage processes:


Pass Through Evidence Lockers


The Spacesaver DSM pass-thru evidence locker system is built into the wall that separates the evidence-drop-off area from the property and evidence room. Evidence is deposited on the drop-off side and retrieved by an evidence technician on the other. A full-size rear door allows the evidence technician to efficiently remove items and reset the front locker opening. An optional front-lock-out system can be used to automatically lock the front doors when the rear door is opened to prevent unauthorized access to the evidence and property room through an unlocked evidence locker opening. Also available is a mesh rear door for a visual accounting of evidence storage.


Non Pass Through Evidence Lockers


With Spacesaver non-pass-thru evidence lockers, evidence is deposited and retrieved from the same self-closing doors without the need for keys or combination locks. Only authorized personnel can remove items. No one else. Ever. The evidence lockers easily mount against a wall. Both deliver the utmost in security and integrity of evidence preservation and evidence retrieval. Both have gained a reputation for helping facilitate accreditation, whether it be through the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, Inc., (CALEA®) or otherwise. Preferred by law enforcement agencies throughout North America, DSM evidence lockers serve as an airtight, unattended evidence drop-off system. Officers can securely deposit evidence day or night without having to deal with keys or combinations, or rely on an evidence technician to be called in after hours.


Product highlights:


  • Fully assembled and ready to use
  • Multiple door configuration options
  • Helps enforce chain of custody
  • Pass through or non pass through available

When both verdicts and professional reputations are on the line, look to our evidence storage solutions.  Keep track of evidence throughout the chain of custody with our secure evidence storage.  Whether you’re storing evidence for the short- or long-term, we have a solution to maximize your space while maintaining evidence integrity.


Biological Evidence Storage


Proper DNA and biological evidence storage can make or break a case. Our recommendation: don’t count on your appliance store to ensure the integrity of critical biological evidence.


Refrigerated Evidence Lockers



Spacesaver large and small size DSM refrigerated evidence lockers are specifically engineered to maintain a constant temperature of 38 to 42 degrees Fahrenheit for highly secured and well preserved biological evidence storage. Both offer the same performance, reliability and security as our standard evidence lockers – and with pass-thru and non-pass-thru functionality.


Product highlights:


  • All refrigerators come with a built in digital alarm to warn users of temperature fluctuations (if the door is left open)
  • Drain hubs are not required with our standard built in condensate removal system
  • Lockable inserts are interchangeable to accommodate changing sizes of biological storage boxes and containers
  • Both pass-thru and non pass-thru styles do not require keys to deposit samples
Evidence Drying Cabinet


Look to Spacesaver’s DSM Evidence Drying Cabinet to safely and securely air-dry blood and biological evidence. The evidence drying system easily connects to air ducts to vent to the outdoors. It includes a host of design features to ensure optimal air circulation, along with maximum security. And it’s easy to clean.


Evidence Tracking


You don’t need to be a detective to know who and when items are deposited or retrieved from Spacesaver DSM evidence lockers. With new ControLoc™ Technology, the same DSM™ Evidence Lockers that you’ve known to trust can now provide evidence tracking that you can rely on…as your strongest link for a solid custody of evidence.


Long Term Evidence Storage


High Density Mobile Evidence Storage


Spacesaver high density mobile storage is an excellent choice when it comes to evidence and property that needs to be stored today, next year or indefinitely. Our mobile storage systems feature movable carriages so you can accommodate the same number of items as conventional storage systems, but use half the space – and deal a blow to evidence and property room overcrowding.


High Bay Storage


Spacesaver’s XTend™ Mobile High-Bay Storage system can store material on heavy-duty shelving that reaches more than 30 feet (9 meters) high. That’s equivalent to three stories. Yet the system also features moveable carriages just like traditional mobile storage systems to conserve space.

Contact us for more information about our evidence storage solutions and a FREE design consultation.


Personal Duty Lockers

The introduction of the Police Duty Locker reinforces the commitment of DSM Law Enforcement Products to recognize and satisfy the existing and future needs of Law Enforcement Agencies.

To maintain a high level of quality, these lockers are manufactured in the same facility as the rigid, heavy duty DSM Evidence Storage Lockers and are processed in a similar manner.

Users of this locker will appreciate the extra depth (a full 24″ as opposed to the to the standard 15″ or 18″) and the lockable security cabinet. For your convenience, standard hooks have been replaced with a rod “which will accommodate full-sized coat hangers. Two sets of ventilation louvers have been incorporated into the door to achieve maximum air flow.


Product highlights:


  • Onsite configuration
  • Double wall, welded box construction
  • Air extraction ready
  • Duplex electrical outlets may be added at any time

Weapons Lockers


Our DSM weapons lockers are ideal for keeping weapons and ammunition out of site for situations that demand extra storage capacity.

You can chose from handgun-only storage systems and lockers that securely and efficiently store a combination of handgun and long guns.

You’re fully secured with this full-size, heavy-duty locker. The main front door opens with a master key to facilitate visual inspections, weapons inventory and maintenance.

Round out the storage system with cabinets designed to securely store ammunition and any number of accessories.


Product highlights:


  • Limitless number of openings
  • Any combination of handguns and rifles
  • Main front door opens with master key
  • Secure storage of weapons and ammunition

General Purpose Lockers



Solidly built to deliver years and years of trouble-free service, these top-of-the-line lockers satisfy a wide variety of requirements – including applications in scholastic, athletic and industrial facilities.

Integrated frame construction adds strength and rigidity for longer life. M.I.G. welded 16-gauge steel bodies with heavy-duty 14-gauge steel doors, 18-gauge reinforcing panels welded to inside door facings, and durable, recessed, zinc alloy handles with snag-free nickel plated finish include padlock attachment (padlocks not included).


Product highlights:


  • Optional key or combination lock
  • Diamond or mini-louver perforations
  • Available up to six tiers
  • Full length piano hinges

Automated Parcel Exchange (APX) Lockers


As last mile delivery becomes increasingly more challenging and package deliveries continue to grow, the logistics and costs associated with ensuring effective and efficient parcel delivery will be compounded. Today, management of last mile package delivery in the office environment can become a major workflow issue. Our mission is to solve these issues by streamlining and automating parcel distribution through APX Lockers.

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