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Why do you believe we have to buy your tests instead of other ones?

The main advantages of our tests are:

* Less liquid reagents
* Safe and easy to use
* Acid neutralizers are not required
* No environmental risks
* One step tests (one ampoule only)
* User friendly
* High reliability and consistency
* Accurate and sensitive
* Economical
* Easy to test liquid narcotics and precursors.

What are the expiry dates of MMC Presumptive Field Tests?

We guarantee the shelf life of our products for the following periods:

Cannabis test: 2 years

LSD test: 1 year

All other tests: 3 years

The expiration dates are on the back of each box of 10 tests.

The reagents are stored in hermetically sealed ampoules under protective atmosphere. This process protects the reagent from the air and extends the life of the field tests for long periods of time. This process also protects the reagent from wide swings in temperature, but does not protect it from ultraviolet rays. If an ampoule is exposed to UV light for extended periods of time the test may become unusable. If you see the test has discoloured please dispose of the test and do not use it for testing.

For a better shelf life we recommend that you store the test at the following conditions:

  1. Store the tests in the supplied box to protect them from ultra violet rays.
  2. Store the test at room temperature (± 20°C or ± 68°F) for best results and shelf life.
  3. Never store an opened ampoule, only open the ampoule when you will be using it immediately. 

The tests were also tested under extreme weather conditions, they were stored at  +50 Celsius (+122 Fahrenheit) and -20 Celsius (-4 Fahrenheit) and the reactions of the test were tested afterwards at room temperature. If you detect any discoloration of your product or it is not reacting properly within the shelf life period, please contact our office.


How do I use your MMC Presumptive Field Tests?

Please click here for the text instructions.

Or watch the corresponding instruction video's:

Presumptive Field tests

Presumptive Field tests with Catalyst Sphere

Presumptive Field tests with liquids

How many times can I use one ampoule?

You only can use the ampoule once. All of our tests are meant for single use only.

Is a training required?

No training is required, but we do advise you to carefully read the instructions on the instruction sheet enclosed in each kit or watch the instruction DVD and you may take the online course free of charge to obtain a competency certificate.

After I used a test, can I throw away the tests in the trash bin?

We suggest you throw the used test into the Bottle-bank / glass container.

What if the tested material turns into another colour than printed on the ampoule?

Then your test substance is probably not the drug you are testing for. Please contact us and we will support you. We also suggest, that if a test is inconclusive, or if you have any doubts, you use the MMC forensic Test kits for confirmation.

Can the MMC Presumptive Field Tests be used to test liquids?

Though the MMC Presumptive Field Tests are very sensitive some tests will not be able to test for drugs in liquids like beverages etc. Most tests are designed to test for solids with the exception of the tests designed to test liquids like the GHB test, BZP test etc. Some tests designed to test for drugs in solids can however also test for drugs in liquids as long as the concentration of drugs is high enough for the test to detect it. They cannot be used to test for drugs in beverages because the concentration is usually too low. Also extra caution should be taken when testing liquids with our tests because the test may become very hot when inserting the liquid. Furthermore the liquid should not be the same colour as the colour the test should develop since you can’t see a positive reaction then. Also the colour of the liquid may not be the same or similar to the colour the test should produce because of the colour of/cross reaction with the beverage.

Here is an example of a liquid which can be tested for drugs;  If you find a bottle of Original 69 (which often has a green colour) and test it for MDMA in the MMC Crystal Meth/XTC test. You will see the black colour developing but the test will also become very hot.

Note that testing liquids with the MMC Presumptive Field Tests is you own responsibility, you should take good care of protecting yourself from the hot test.

What test can I use if the test result is inconclusive?

You can use our new Forensic Test which is very sensitive (sensitive up to a few hundred nanograms of the substance) and accurate (99-99.8%).

Are your tests approved/tested?

The MMC Tests are manufactured in accordance with the NIJ Standards and ISO-9001:2000. Also many of our tests are approved by the DFS Virginia Scientific Forensic Dept and some tests are approved by the Home Office UK. A lot of our tests are tested by Customs & Excise Authorities, Army and Police Forces. Some test reports may be found in our download section.

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