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Who are your main customers?

Mostly we sell our kits to: Police Forces, Customs, Dance Event Organizations and Prisons and Forensic Laboratories.

Do you have references for me?

You are able to download the reference list from the download section.

Where are your tests used for?

Our MMC Presumptive Field Tests are used to presumptively identify whether the substance beining tested is a narcotic, drug, precursor or other substance depending on the test you use. The tests are meant for pills powders, other solids and may be used for liquids (please read FAQ about liquids first). But the tests are not meant for testing any bodily fluids. Please use our MMC Urine or Saliva tests for testing in urine and saliva. We also sell MMC Forensic Tests these are immunoassay tests wich are more accurate then our MMC Presumptive Field Tests since they have less crossreactions, these can be used after the MMC Presumptive Field Tests to get a confirmation. 

How can we tests on different surfaces?

MMC developed different products for detecting narcotics on different surfaces:

  1.  Cocaine Trace Wipes
  2.  Cocaine Identification Spray
  3.  Forensic Test Kits (Very accurate and sensitive up to a few hundred nanograms of the substance.)

Can you send us a sample?

Yes this is possible, please email us using the contact form.

Where can I find more information on drugs / narcotics?

There are lot of places on the internet to go to for instance:

I want to become your distributor, what steps do I have to take?

Please fill out our contact form so we will contact you as soon as possible.

How can we receive a competency certificate?

You may go online to take the competency exam free of charge.

Also you can continue to become an instructor for instructing people how to use our tests.


We use other narcotic Test Kits with a code number like TEST A-B etc? do you have a conversion table?

Yes we do, please click here.

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