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Professional Portable Drug Scale 0.001g

Professional Portable Drug Scale 0.001g

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Price: €89.00 (excl. VAT)
Code: PWSTDG50


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· Simple and convenient 4-key operation
· Can be switched over from g to ct, gn, dwt, ozt, oz at the touch of a key
· Innovative touchscreen: Large touch-sensitive, backlit touch display with very good contrast for easy operation and convenient reading
· Hard case cover as protection against pressure and dust
· Stainless steel weighing plate, which makes cleaning easy and hygienic
· Weighing pan standard
· Powder scale with Grain division (gn), ideal for sport shooters, reloaders etc. for self-filling cartridge cases
· USB cable for power supply as standard
· 1 Delivered in appealing packaging


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