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Urine Stabilizing Tablets

Urine Stabilizing Tablets

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MMC ST-72 Urine Stabilizer Tablets to avoid microbiological growth.  

To secure forensic analysis for Alcohol ,Drugs and Medical examinations.

General Information:

ST–72 tablets for stabilizing urine for a period of 72 Hours.

The tablets dissolve within approximately 60-90 minutes.

Download: Toxicological approach to DFSA (Sample collection of urine samples)


Stabilize Urine Specimens For Delayed Laboratory Examination of Urine


Maintains Bacterial Viability at Room Temperature Up to 72 Hrs.

Eliminates refrigeration of urine culture specimens during storage or transit.

Prevents over-growth of U.T.I. bacteria in specimen.

Maintains Normal Growth and Chemical ID Characters of U.T.I. Bacteria

Culture and Subculture growth characteristics are not altered.*

Minimizes Growth of Patient Introduced Contaminants

Accidentally introduced contaminants won't confuse results because levels are maintained for at least 24 hrs.

False positives are virtually eliminated reducing the need for a second sample, and preventing needless patient anxiety.

Convenient To Use

No messy or strong smelling liquids to dispense into tubes.

Sodium Fluoride, Sodium Sulphate


ST-72 tablets are used by many Police Forces, prisons and other law enforcement agencies They are using urine–tainers to collect urine for analysing for the presents of alcohol and drugs. Each urine-tainer contains a MMC ST-72 tablett to stabilize the specimen as it will avoid microbiological growth for many weeks.

The specimen can be send to the laboratory with no need for refrigerating the specimen . But for medical purposes the specimen should be refrigerated when send to the lab.

The use of the ST-72 tablets will avoid inaccurate analysis lab results due to delay in storage or transport time of the urine specimen.

One (1) ST-72 tablet in a urine-tainer of approx 20 - 25 ml.

Storage: 5 - 35°C Stability 3 years after production date.

Storage after usage: Place container in evidence bag. (refrigerate the specimen for medical examination)

Warning: For in vitro use only. Do not ingest the tablets.

MSDS on request.

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