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Forensic Narcotic Testing Case

Forensic Narcotic Testing Case

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Price: €1,158.50 (excl. VAT)
Code: FNT03


This product allows for a custom configuration (different types, different combinations etc.).
Check the product description below for details.
You can provide us with your preferred configuration during the checkout process.

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The Forensic Narcotic Testing Case is especially developed for forensic officers in charge of narcotic testing in the field and laboratory.  

Shoulder strap included


You may compile your own contents of test packs at checkout.

You may choose from: Narcotic Tests and Precursor Tests.

If you do not fill out the configuration, we will supply the default kit as below:


Default contents of this strong carrying case:

2 x Cocaine/Crack Test 10/box 2 x Opiates/Amphetamines test 10/box
2 x Crystal Meth / XTC test 10/box 2 x Cannabis (Marihuana) test 10/box
2 x Heroin test 10/box 2 x Morphine/Heroin test 10/box
2 x Barbiturates test 10/box 2 x Methadone test 10/box
1 x Mephedrone test 10/box 1 x General Screening test 10/box
1 x Methaqualone test 10/box 1 x Fentanyl/Oxycodone, Heroine/Morphine, Codeine test 10/box
1 x LSD test 10/box 1 x Ephedrine test 10/box
1 x Ketamine test 10/box 1 x PCP test 10/box
1 x GHB test 10/box 1 x GBL test 10/box
1 x Pentazocine test 10/box 1 x mCPP test 10/box
1 x Buprenorphine test 10/box 1 x V & R test 10/box


Also included in the case: 


1 Pair of Scissors   10 Small Pipettes 10 Cocaine Trace Wipes
2 Small Plastic Boxes 1 LeathermanMulti-tool 1 Pair of Forceps
1 Mini Maglite 2 Large Pipettes 30 Evidence Bags
Spatulas 2 Small Hand Drills 10 Pair of Vinyl Gloves
Scale with Calculator 3 Plastic Sample Tubes 1 Measuring Tape 3 meters
Marking Labels Permanent Marker 1 Clip Board
1 Small Cupper Brush Instruction Sheets  


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