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Mobile X-Ray Baggage Scanning System

Mobile X-Ray Baggage Scanning System

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Mercedes chassis 413CDI           

Driver Cab Air Con                             

Additional Colour Monitor                            

Thermoking Vanbody Air-conditioning

Rapiscan 1meter x 1 meter tunnel machine




Model                     -                  Scanplus

Equipment Type     -                  Mobile X-Ray Machine

Steering                 -                  Left Hand Drive, power steering




The chassis will be a Mercedes 413CDI complete with manual transmission and a wheelbase of 4000mm.  The turbo inter-cooled engine produces 129HP and the GVW is 4600kg. Driver cab air-conditioning will be fitted.

Thermoking air conditioning will be fitted in the van body.


X-Ray Unit


The X-Ray unit used will be the Rapiscan Mobile Screening Unit model 500 series.




Resolution      Wire: 40 SWC typical

                        ASTM: 5 Wires, all 10 steps

30 AWC wire visible behind 21mm of aluminum  


Material (Multi-Energy Model):



Image             System dependant: 800x600 to 1152x864 pixels.

24 bit True Colour, switchable to black and white.

Look-back: 2 images.  Video RAM 2 Mb to 4 Mb


Monitor                 17” SVCA colour, high refresh rate non-flicker.


Environmental       Storage Temperature: - 20C to 50C


Requirements   Operating Temperature : 0C to 40C

Relative Humidity: 5 to 95% non-condensing


Penetration          Steel:           27mm typical

                                                 25mm guaranteed

                             Water:         35cm


Image                    Zoom           2x, through to Bx


Computer Based  


Standard Features



Baggage Counter

Displayed on monitor


Black and white

Switched displays a black and white representation of the inspected object on monitor.  The brightness of each pixel is dependent on the total material density   


Crystal Clear

Computer automated image optimization to provide maximum simultaneous image information.


Edge Enhanced

Provides enhanced display of edges and wires in image


Enhanced Image Sharpening

Optimise image sharpness for fine detail display.


High Penetration

Provides enhanced display of edges and wires in image


Image Recall

Last two images displayed can be recalled for review


Low Penetration

Provides quick selection of enhanced intensity scale to provide optimum image quality for dense image regions


Material Separation

Displays potential contraband content in image quality when even hidden in clutter.


Multi-Energy Colour

Display materials as shades of colour on the monitor.  Industry standard four colour palette.


Operator Log-Inn

Operator personal identification can be entered in control panel


Organic/Inorganic Stripping

Allows graying of high Z materials enhancing the visibility of low Z material in image


Pseudo Colour

Display various densities as different colours.  Allows very fine density discrimination.  Provides clearer display of some objects.


Variable Colour Stripping

Provides operator control of colour stripping allowing selective enhancement


Variable Edge Enhancement

Allows operator control of edge enhanced display to optimize visibility


Variable Gamma

Provides operator control of image contrast to allow intensity scale display



Times two through to times eight is available


Body Construction


The approximate outside dimensions of the vehicle are 6400mm long, 2200mm wide and 2800mm high.  The body is constructed from GRP panels complete with aluminum water proof extruded sections.


The sides have large aluminum roller shutter doors (lockable) for access to the X-Ray unit.  The entrance door is fitted with rubber seals, key lock and paddle handle.




The vehicle will be subjected to a full working test prior to dispatch.




Pre-delivery inspections can be arranged between customer and MMC Engineering.


Paint Finish


A)   All fabricated items are shot blasted and treated with primer for long long life protection.


B)   All items have 2 undercoats.


C)   The finish coat of paint (2 Coats) will be white Ral 9010 or to customer colour code.


Spare Wheel


A spare wheel will be supplied with the unit.


Fire Extinguishers


A suitable fire extinguishers will be mounted in a prominent position.




Supplied will be manuals to include:


1)    Operation

2)    Electric

3)    Installed part lists 



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