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MMC Strong Mobile Narcotics Lab

MMC Strong Mobile Narcotics Lab

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This product allows for a custom configuration (different types, different combinations etc.).
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MMC Mobile Narcotics Mini Laboratory


Recently we developed a professional mobile narcotics mini lab to support the officer in their task of narcotics testing on location. The customer may compile the kind of MMC narcotics / precursor tests inside the mobile lab themselves.


Contents of the MMC Mobile Narcotics Mini Laboratory:

30 Packs MMC narcotic / precursor Field Tests (compiled by end user at checkout) 1 Pack of MMC Cocaine purity Field tests                                                     1 Pack of MMC Heroin purity Field tests                     
1 Pack of MMC Cocaine cutting agents tests

MMC Cocaine spray + applicator

(+/- 25 tests)

10 Sets of MMC Forensic multi Tests
1 pack of 50 MMC Cocaine Trace Wipes 1 Mini Mag Lite

50 Pair of nitrile gloves

(1 box size L)

50 Evidence bags, small 50 Evidence bags, medium 10 Evidence bags large
1 Large Leatherman Multi Tool 1 Pocket Balance 5 Professional Dust masks
1 Set of Marking Labels 50 Mini Pipettes 10 Large Pipettes
1 Stainless steel spatula 1 Stainless steel pair of scissors 1 Small cupper brush
2 Small hand drills, 2mm + 4mm 1 Pair of stainless steel tweezers 1 Permanent Marker
1 Desktop Magnifier with light

2 Plastic Measuring Cylinder,

25ml + 100ml

50 Cotton Swabs
50 Spatulas 1 pH paper, five (5) meters 1 Clip Board
1 Notepad + pencil 1 Five (5) mtr Measuring Tape 1 MMC ID Wall Chart
1 Laboratory wash bottle, 250ml 1 MMC Narcotic Field Test ampoule rack 1 Scalpel knife
50 Alcohol cleaning wipes 1 Safety Goggles 5 Disposable Overalls
10 Pair of disposable shoe covers 1 Pack of tissues 2 Sterile collection cups
3 Multi urine Cup Test 5 Multi Saliva test 12 Standard collection tubes
8 Liquid collection tubes 100 Sealable bags 12x8 cm 1 Scotch tape holder with 1 role of tape
20 GHB/GBL/1,4 Butanediol test strips

Digital Photo camera

(with sd card and camera bag)

10 ST-72 Tablets
1 Document holder Note: Camera may change without notice when it is not available. 1 Flight case with 6 drawers







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