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MMC Strong Mobile Narcotics Lab (Refill)

MMC Strong Mobile Narcotics Lab (Refill)

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MMC Mobile Narcotics Mini Laboratory Refill


Recently we developed a strong professional mobile narcotics mini lab to support the officer in their task of narcotics testing on location. This is the refill kit for this mobile laboratory.


Contents of the refill kit:

50 Evidence bags small 50 Evidence bags medium 10 Evidence bags large
1 Set of Marking Labels 50 Mini Pipettes 5 Professional Dust masks
1 Stainless steel spatula 1 Stainless steel scissor 10 Large Pipettes
2 Small hand drills, 2mm + 4mm 1 Pair of stainless steel tweezers 1 Small cupper brush
50 Spatulas 2 Plastic Measuring Cylinder 25ml + 100ml 1 Permanent Marker
1 Notepad + pencil 1 Pack of tissues 50 Cotton Swabs
1 Laboratory wash bottle, 250ml 100 Sealable bags 12x8 cm 1 Clip Board
50 Alcohol cleaning wipes 1 Five (5) meters of pH paper 1 MMC ID Wall Chart
10 Pair of disposable shoe covers 1 Scotch tape holder with 1 role of tape 1 Scalpel knife
8 Liquid collection tubes 12 Collection tubes 5 Disposable Overalls
50 Pair of nitrile gloves (1 box size L) 2 Sterile collection cups  



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