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RSID Blood

RSID Blood

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RSID-Blood Field Kit small
only with buffers and pipettes, to analyse samples in the field.
5 Packs/Kit, shelf life 24 months from date of production.

Confirmatory Test for Human Blood


Detect as Little as 1 µL of Human Blood
RSID™-Blood results correlate with STR profile intensity.

  • Dual Monoclonal Antibodies
    Specific for Human Glycophorin A Antigen
    NO Cross-Reaction Observed with Human Saliva, Semen, Urine, Breast Milk, or Amniotic Fluid.

Efficient Sample Analysis
Strip Test Results Are Complete in 10 Minutes.

mmuno-Chromatographic Lateral
Flow Strip Test
Standard Assay Format
Extended Shelf Life.

Complete Set of Protocols Included
Compatible with DNA Extraction and STR Analysis.
Integration into Standard Laboratory Procedure. 

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