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Bluestar Forensic Mini Kit

Bluestar Forensic Mini Kit

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Price: €50.00 (excl. VAT)
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The BLUESTAR® FORENSIC MINI KIT is meant primarily for police searching small areas or objects for a quick verification when suspecting a crime has happened.

  • Instantly ready : just add a pair of tablets to one of the spray bottles of distilled water
  • More economical and practical for quick or limited investigations before the intervention of crime scene specialists.
  • The MINI KIT provides two bottles for two independent investigations
Bluestar Forensic mini kit

mini kit bottleKit content

  • 2 bottles with 125 ml (4 oz) distilled water and fine mist atomizer
  • 2 pairs of BLUESTAR® FORENSIC tablets

How to prepare the solution

Simply dissolve 1 pair of BLUESTAR® FORENSIC tablets in one of the bottles and spray on any surface.

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