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Forensic Narcotic Test Case (Multi 6 Test)

Forensic Narcotic Test Case (Multi 6 Test)

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MMC International BV is the manufacturer of presumptive narcotic tests for many years.

Recently MMC developed very specific narcotic tests in accordance with the forensic standards.


The MMC Presumptive Forensic Narcotic Tests offer you the opportunity to test for the presence of controlled substances in powders, tablets, liquids, resins and on surfaces.


The Presumptive Forensic Narcotic Tests are very accurate and sensitive.

The tests only require nanograms of the substance for accurate testing.

Also testing controlled substances dissolved in liquids are not a problem.


Advantages of the MMC Presumptive Forensic Narcotic Tests are:


  • Very sensitive
  • Able to detect the presence of drugs in a sample at levels of <1 ppm (part per milion)
  • Quick results (Visual in 1-2 minutes)
  • Specificity MMC FNT Tests Vs. GC-GC/MS: Negative: 99,38%, Positive: 97,45%
  • No hazardous chemicals
  • Users friendly
  • Highly cost effective in comparison to laboratory screening
  • As reliable and accurate as laboratory screening
  • No cross contamination as each test is supplied with a seperate dropper of buffer solution (stick attached to cap)
  • The MMC Presumptive Forensic Narcotic Tests are CE Approved

This Forensic Test Tests for the presumptive detection of:


  • Amphetamine (AMP)
  • Methamphetamine (MET)
  • Cocaine / Crack (COC)
  • Opiates (MOR)
  • Cannabis / Marijuana (THC)
  • Benzodiazepines (BZO)





Contents MMC Forensic Test Kit:


10 MMC Multi Forensic Tests
10 MMC Special Buffer Solution Dropper
10 Cotton Swabs (Separately packed)
10 Spatulas
10 Evidence Bags + Marker
01 Instruction Sheet


Click here for text instructions.


Click here for additional instructions for testing for THC.


Watch the instruction video below

MSDS on request.

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