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MMC Training Course Onsite

MMC Training Course Onsite

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MMC International B.V. is not only the manufacturer of the MMC Narcotic Tests and related products, but MMC also organizes very unique courses in the field of controlled substances.

The courses are especially meant for:

* Drug Recognition Experts (DRE)
* Customs Officers
* Airport Security Officers
* Border Police
* Prison Officers
* Traffic Police
* Rail-road Police,
* Port/maritime customs


In total there are 4 Modules.

There are three (3) Basic Modules.
If you attend a module, a certificate will be provided.

Module 4 is a very specialized course especially for those
who are working in this field.

A certificate will also be provided for those who attend Module 4.

MMC International only uses certified instructors, recognized as experts in their field by law enforcement agencies. Our instructional staff combines traditional techniques with state-of-the-art advancements in technology to create a classroom and field atmosphere that is comfortable yet challenging for the rookie as well as more experienced personnel.

MMC's Instructors are professionals who collectively provide continuing education for professionals employed in the fields of law enforcement.


Individuals or Entire Departments:
Whether you are an individual in search of opportunities to advance your career or if your organization or department has a number of officers who could benefit from additional training, MMC is the right answer. We offer courses throughout the world.  We can customize any course or series of courses to the needs of the course host. MMC International will work with your group to tailor our courses to provide your group with the most comprehensive training in the areas specific to your needs.

At the end of this course(s) the participants should be able to deal adequately with seized drugs, cutting agents and drug precursors and work with the latest MMC test techniques.
In addition, the participants will be on top of the latest developments on the approach of Cannabis plantations and the deprivation of illegally obtained profits. They will also obtain the knowledge on the detection of production sites (Illegal Laboratories) of synthetic drugs and the associated security measures.
It also gives the participant knowledge on the most common smuggling techniques and limitations and possibilities of search and prevention using sniffer dogs.

Normally the minimum number of participants 15 and the maximum is 25.

Courses are available in several languages

 Module 1: Narcotics Recognition, Side Effects and Testing procedures 


This (1) one-day course is designed to provide detailed information related to controlled substance recognition, side effects of using drugs and field testing procedures.

Topics include:

  • Recognition of controlled substances
  • What are the side effects of using controlled substances
  • Field testing procedures 

 Module 2 Part I: Growing treatment and safe dismanteling of cannabis (Marijuana) plantations.


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This (1) one-day course is designed to provide detailed information related to Growing treatment and safe dismantling of cannabis (Marijuana) Plantations. Students will learn ways to identify the most important narcotics on the market today.


Topics include:


  • Growing treatment and safe dismantling of cannabis (Marijuana) Plantations
  • Recognition of cannabis plantation on the outside
  • Precautions to take before entering the plantation / location
  • Recognition of Equipment used to grow cannabis
  • Learn what you need to report
  • Identify what kind of cannabis plantation it is (Mother plants, cuttings (M/F plants)
  • Advise: Safe dismantle procedures
  • Legal aspects

  Module 2 Part II: Take away illegally acquired profits


This course is designed to learn how to deal with illegally acquired profits with help of case simulations.


Case A:

  • Pre-operation planning on how to start an investigation on a drug dealer.
  • How to calculate illegally acquired profits of a drug dealer.

Case B:

  • How to start an investigation on a cannabis plantation
  • How to calculate illegally acquired profits of a drug dealer.

Legal aspects


  Module 3: Recognition of production and the method of synthetic drugs



This (1) one-day course is designed to learn the precautions of dangerous issues related to production facilities and methods of synthetic drugs


Topics include:

  • Precautions to take before entering the facility
  • Recognition of Equipment used for the production of synthetic drugs
  • Production method information
  • Advise: Dismantle procedures
  • How to make Cocaine
  • Cutting Drugs
  • Legal aspects

 Module 4: Smuggling techniques.


This (1) one-day course is designed to learn various smuggling techniques.


Topics include:


  • Hiding methods of controlled substances
  • Sampling & Testing
  • Legal aspects

All courses are meant for officials for which an ID is mandatory.
Once registered the participant will receive a badge  which the participant needs to show together with his/her ID.

Please contact us if you want to attend this course.

Normally the minimum number of participants 15 and the maximum is 25.

The basic courses (Modules I-II-III) will be three (3) successive days.
(e.g. Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday  or Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday etc)

It is also possible to attend each basic module separately but you only will receive
the total basic competency certificate once you attended all the basic courses (I-II-III)

A separate certificate will also be provided for Module 4.


Please contact us if you are interested


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