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Detect GHB and Ketamine

When it comes to date rape drugs, which can be odorless and colorless, it makes perfect sense to have a date rape detection product. Victims who become helpless once they consume the drugged drink.

The amnesic effect allows the perpetrators to rob, rape, or otherwise harm the victim without the victim being able to remember exactly what happened, but the reminders can last for years.

What this site will offer is not only a safe place for your date rape detection products, but also a resource in helping you become educated on the subject of date rape protection.


Coaster contains 2 test strips.

Custom coasters are popular with women support groups, universities, bars and more.

Customers can customize their coasters with their own graphics and text. Prices for custom coasters are based on customer supplied art.

Minimum order: 500 coasters (call or mail for more information)

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