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K2 Synthetic Cannabinoids Urine Test Cassettes (100/CT)

K2 Synthetic Cannabinoids Urine Test Cassettes (100/CT)

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Most sensitive K2/Spice test on the market screens for 16 compounds

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Note: For forensic use or export only.


We are excited to offer the DrugCheck® dip urine test for K2 or “Spice” with a cutoff of 25 ng/mL, the lowest cutoff for synthetic marijuana on the market. 


K2-Spice test performance


The DrugCheck K2/Spice Test screens for 16 compounds, giving it the widest range of screening for synthetic marijuana or cannabis:


Name      Compounds Detected by DrugCheck K2 Test
JWH-018      N-propanoic acid
JWH-018      5-pentanoic acid metabolite
JWH-018       N-4-hydroxypenty
JWH-018      N-5-hydroxypentyl
JWH-019      6-hydroxyhexyl
JWH-019      5-hydroxyhexyl
JWH-073      4-butanoic acid metabolite
JWH-073      N-2-hydroxybutyl
JWH-073      N-4-hydroxybutyl
JWH-122      N-4-hydroxypentyl
JWH-122      N-5-hydroxypentyl
JWH-200      6-hydroxyindole
JWH-210      N-(5-carboxypentyl) metabolite C26H25NO3
JWH-398      N-pentanoic acid metabolite
MAM2201      N-pentanoic acid metabolite
RCS-4      N-(5-carboxypentyl) metabolite C21H21NO4


Most sensitive synthetic marijuana test on the market image


The most sensitive on-site screen for synthetic marijuana on the market

The DrugCheck K2/Spice test picks up more compounds than any other on-site screen for K2/Spice.  CLICK HERE


Independent study of the K2/Spice test conducted by Norchem Drug Testing

Norchem Drug Testing performed an independent study using the DrugCheck K2/Spice test. Download a summary of the study.

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