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Standard Only Stepping Plate Kit

Standard Only Stepping Plate Kit

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Our ongoing innovation in the field of forensics is illustrated by the development of Forensic Stepping Plates which are now regularly used to prevent contamination at crime scenes. Our Stepping Plates are used by forensic professionals all over the world.


What do Forensic Stepping Plates do?

Forensic Stepping Plates are a unique way of creating a pathway through a crime scene, ensuring methodical, and clinical, approach to the preservation and gathering of trace evidence.


Why use Forensic Stepping Plates?

Stepping Plates allow the safe and effective extremely delicate, and invisible to the naked eye, evidence without compromising the crime scene. In this modern age, Stepping Plates are an integral part of any crime scene investigator’s kit bag and demonstrates professional standards in the prevention of cross contamination. Other benefits include:


  • Transparency
  • Lightweight
  • Stackable
  • Re-usable and easy to clean
  • Microscene Protector


The Standard Stepping Plate Kit comes complete with a Heavy Duty Polybox, 150 Rubber Pads, and 16 Standard (350 x 350) Forensic Stepping Plates.

The Polybox included in this kit has a handle and wheels so it can be manoeuvred easily.


1 Heavy Duty Polybox

16 Standard Plates 350 x 350

150 Rubber Pads (Large)



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