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How To Use




Knock the unopened ampoule several times

against a hard surface, so the granules which

may be sticking to the inside of the ampoule wall

will fall downwards.


Take the top of the ampoule between

the thumb and index finger and

snap off the topwith the ampoule breaker


Use the spatula to insert the suspect

material into the ampoule


For suspect samples in liquid form such as GHB,

we advise to use the round end of the supplied

spatula or otherwise use a pipette and insert

one drop into the ampoule.


With the MMC Ketamine and Barbiturates Test,

the plastic lid contains a catalyst pearl

which, once the material to be tested

is inserted in the ampoule, must be mixed

using the round tip of the spatula.


Attention! If the ball in the cap sticks against the

side, please use a spatula to take it out and, put it in

the ampoule and mix it.


Place the plastic cap on top of the ampoule.


Compare the color from the reagent granulate

with the color line printed on the ampoule.



Since the MMC Tests does not require acid

neutralizers (as this is automatically

done within the ampoule) you may throw the used

ampoules in the trash or glass bin.


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